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Confirm with your hospital if they are signed up with Redhunt, let them do the search for you and you can track your blood progress through our service.

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Access our service and search for the required blood type, get a list of Hospitals with your needs and you can give them a call.

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Get to Know Blood Donation Drives, Let us plan better and help save lives.

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Blood Donation Drives

We advise on donation drives based on the available units as well as sensitizing people to donate.

RedHunt Donor App / Blood Personnel App

We give donors a platform to track the donation drives. We help track the logistics of blood transportation to where it is required.

RedHunt Dashboard

We help hospitals to easily track their blood units and easily find and request the blood type they need from their nearest hospitals.

Latest News
Donations in Bungoma
9 June, 2023
Police lead blood donation drive amid acute shortage

Bungoma County Police Commander Francis Kooli urging Kenyans donate blood at Uwanja Ndege in Bungoma County.

Blood Donation Drives
11 Sept, 2019
Donation Drives

Government launches blood donation drive to save lives